Ten of the Strangest University Courses

We all love a good moan- sometimes a bit too much. But would you choose to study it at university? It all sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? However, studying to be a professional complaints handler is now a verified course at Queen Margaret University.

In light of this, we take a look at 10 other strange courses that are on offer to students.

1. Harry Potter Module- Durham University



It’s good news for fans of The Boy Who Lived, as Durham University hosts a module dedicated to the books as part of its Education Studies course. With lectures including; “Hermione Granger: Feminist Icon?”, this module claims to enhance social skills desired by future employers.

2. The Beatles, Popular Music and Society- Liverpool Hope University

Set in The Beatles’ home city, Liverpool’s Hope University offers a course centred around the biggest selling band of all time. The curriculum includes the history of Merseyside post World War Two and the issues and inspirations that surrounded the band.

3. Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance- Bath Spa University

This foundation degree covers everything from acrobatics and physical theatre to how to be a self-starter in the circus world. It’s not all rabbits and hats.

4. Surf Science Technology- Cornwall College

For lovers of the deep, this 2-year course focuses on how to catch the perfect wave. With lessons in fitness, board building and the history of surfing, the course is perfect for those seeking a career in a surf-related company.

5. Viking Studies- University College London

Are you interested in the history of all things Norse? At UCL, Viking Studies is a competitive course that explores Scandinavian, Danish and Nordic culture. We don’t know about you but we hope we hope the helmets are mandatory.

6. Brewing and Distilling- Heriot Watt University

Evil Silvan

Evil Silvan

Fancy a pint? You can now bypass the pub and learn to make your own at Heriot Watt. However, this 4 year degree is no walk in the park with modules such as Biochemistry being essential.

7. Politicizing Beyonce- New Jersey’s Rutgers University

Beyonce super fans rejoice! This course at Rutgers University in the US consist of analysing the work of the singer, while contrasting it against authors and activists. If you like it, then you should have got a degree in it.

8. Underwater Basket Weaving- Reed College of Portland and the University of California

This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds, but still an odd addition to the University curriculum. This focuses on the art of crafting baskets and then dipping them in water. Time to put the scuba suit back.

9. Zombie Studies- Baltimore University

Rodolpho Reis

Rodolpho Reis

This is one we have been looking forward to since we got hooked on The Walking Dead. Consisting of writing zombie scripts, watching related movies and drawing up story boards, this is a killer course that will ready you for the Zombie Apocalypse.

10. David Beckham module- Staffordshire University

As part of their BA Sports, Media and Culture course, students can take on a 12 week module dedicated to the footballer. If you enjoy fawning over photos of Posh and Becks then this is the module for you.

Know any weird courses? Then tweet them to us at…. @EN4news14

(images courtesy of flikr)

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