Defending Human Rights or Just Offending Some Humans?

Regardless of which stance you take, today is International Blasphemy Rights Day.

The controversial celebration, founded by secular society Center for Inquiry in 2009, encourages people to openly express any religious criticism they harbour. It coincides with the anniversary of satirical drawings of Muhammad in a Denmark newspaper which caused violence protests. The day will bring worldwide acknowledgment including a free speech festival in LA.

The Center argues that religious beliefs should not be exempt from examination and aim to break the ‘taboo’ on religion. However they have come under fire from many of the Internet.

Blogger Jacques Rousseau said there’s no way to target only those followers of that god that do bad things as a consequence of their faith. Your offense is delivered by shotgun, causing emotional harm to anyone who feels strongly about that faith, regardless of how that faith plays out in their day-to-day lives.’

This has come at a time when international blasphemy cases are in the public eye. After claiming to be the Profit Muhammad Edinburgh citizen Muhammad Asghar, was sentenced to death in Pakistan where strict blasphemy laws are enforced. This week he was shot in prison by a guard.


Photo by @BlasphemyDay

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