Germany Comes to the Capital

Grab your costumes, get the pints in and get down to Princes Street Garden to join in the fun and games at Oktoberfest.

The Gardens are in the midst of being transformed into a German bar and opening their doors tomorrow.

On site today, benches were being set up along with bringing in their own special German beer that can only be drunk in the event and not available to buy in the shops.

This is the second time the capital has held the event after last year’s success.

Last year’s event attracted over 10,000 people over the two days and the organiser, Carson Rob hopes more people will come this year:

“This year we are doing two whole weekends.

All Scots love a good drink, this is a fun excuse to get dressed up and try something different.”

There will be live traditional music, a DJ and waitresses wearing traditional German attire there while you chug your beer.

The organiser also had this to say:



Don’t over do the beer.

Enjoy yourself but don’t be that guy who takes it too far. You don’t want to wake in the morning remembering none of it or even worse getting chucked out because you’re too wrecked. Pace yourself.

Take enough cash.

There will be no ATM cash machines so make sure you bring cash with you. It will save you having to leave the venue and will not be able to re enter.

Learn the language.

German doesn’t really strike you as the easiest to learn languages, but get yourself in the spirit of things and try to use some of the easier words throughout your day- although this may get more and more difficult with the number of drinks you have!

A stein of beer: ein maß (pronounced een mass)

Thank you: Danke (dank)
Please: Bitte (beat)
You’re welcome: Bitte schön (beat shon)
Cheers!: Prost! (prost)

The event runs from tomorrow until the 12th (not on Monday and Tuesday.)

Times are as follows:

Wednesday 16:00-23:00

Thursday 16:00-23:00

Friday 16:00-23:00

2 Saturday sittings (1) 12:00-17:00

(2) 18:00-23:00

Sunday 12:30-19:30

Tickets can still be bought on the website here.

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