Would you like fries with that?


Burgers are a universally loved food; however, they’re not universally done right. Here are five insane burgers that you won’t believe exist.

Black Burgers

Since I'm in Japan… #kuroburger #fleshlightpaul #teamhawaii

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The clown and the king are in fierce competition over this one; McDonald’s and Burger King have both brought out a Halloween-themed black burger. McDonald’s offering is coloured by squid ink; BK’s includes bamboo charcoal cheese (whatever that is). We think we might pass on this one.

Human Flesh?? (not really)

Probably the weirdest entry on this list; London chef James Tomlinson has been inspired by zombie show The Walking Dead and accounts from real life cannibals to make his bizarre burgers – which claim to imitate the taste of human flesh. It mixes pork, veal and chicken liver to make cannibal cuisine that would satisfy even the strangest appetites. (We’ll stick to cheeseburgers.)

Burger Ice Cream

This was a limited edition creation for the UK’s first National Burger Day in 2013 by Sorbitium Ices. Minced beef flavoured ice cream? And we thought mint chocolate chip was adventurous.

Cheeseburger In a Can

This is just sad. Some things should not come in a can. Maybe in a nuclear apocalypse; otherwise just go to McDonald’s.

Ramen Burger

College student delicacy ramen noodles, deep-fried and used as a burger bun; three guesses where this originated. Chef Keizo Shimamoto says he wanted to combine American and Japanese culture; we say it sounds like the perfect hangover cure.

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