Yes I Wanna Burger

Burgers dominate the world of social media food posts – the bigger or more bizarre, the better.

With the news today that a chef in London has created a burger to replicate the taste of human flesh, and the black ‘Kuro’ burgers from Japan appearing all over the internet recently, it calls in to question why burgers are such a culinary and social phenomenon.


Photo by Kansas City

Edinburgh has an ever increasing array of burger havens. Outwith places solely dedicated to providing this originally American fast-food icon, you will not struggle to find a suitable offering of burgers on nearly every menu in the capital. There is an obvious demand and Edinburgh is answering to it.

Gourmet burgers are hardly comparable with what you would get from a McDonald’s drive through but the middle ground is where it gets interesting. Wannaburger is an Edinburgh original concept that currently operates as a fast-food style restaurant. It isn’t trying to be anything pretentious but it is a far cry from the multinational chain’s on every street corner. Starting at £2.99 for a hamburger you wouldn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. In actual fact you get more choice here than establishments charging £10 and more for this humble comfort food staple. Create your own burger from a vast selection of toppings and sauces or opt for their special.

Jon Clemence, who opened Wannaburger in 2007, is a long running burger enthusiast. Previously owning Relish (another Edinburgh burger restaurant), he has been in the burger business  for over ten years. He regularly creates quirky specials, and said “it’s good fun to reflect current affairs,” referring to the recent Alex Salmond vs. Alistair Darling Referendum burgers. Today he had just finished creating the new monthly special, which is the ‘Oktoberfest’ burger, featuring all things German.

photo 1

It is unsure whether their biggest burger ever ‘The Guy Fawkes’ will return again this November. It was hugely successful last year but Jon claims it was, ‘maybe just a bit too big’. Edinburgh burger lovers will just have to wait and see. With Wannaburger regulars the specials are always a huge success but this is just a bonus as these elaborate creations are “more of a talking point than anything else”. Burger obsession has well and truly spread across Edinburgh – fun and delicious food is a clear recipe for success.


Photo by Alix White.

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