Eat autumnal

It’s a new season, time for some new meals!

We hear all the time that eating foods that are in season are better for us and magazines are always telling us that we should only eat green juice, or raw food. As the nights get darker there’s nothing better than a good meal at the end of a day and green juices just aren’t as appealing in a dark morning. So we have taken a look at why you should eat seasonal and even given you some ideas to try out.

Firstly, it’s better for your bank balance. The simple rule of supply and demand means food is cheaper when there is more of it around – for example, blackcurrants are pricier now than they were in July.

Secondly, those blackcurrants don’t taste as fresh and nice than they do in July. Food that is in season is fresher and tastier than food shipped across the world or grown in a man-made environment. Freezing food for travel also plays a big part in killing off flavour.

Changing your meals with the seasons also means you never get bored! Being aware of what’s in season stops you getting into a rut of cooking the same things all year round. Look at seasonal tables like this one from the BBC website to remind you of all the flavours in season now.

Finally, the best way to ensure your food is fresh in season and grown well, is to do it yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then section part of it off for a for a veg patch. If you don’t, look into community allotments and if you are working with just a window box, grow herbs. There is nothing quite as satisfying as cooking a meal with ingredients you grew yourself. If this is something you’re interested in, Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden run various edible gardening workshops and an advice centre you can drop in on every Monday and Tuesday.

Whether you have grown it yourself or bought it, here are some heart warming recipes for autumn using in season ingredients, of course.


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