Hurricane Gonzalo hits Edinburgh

After all the build up and weather warnings issued by The Met Office, Hurricane Gonzalo has turned out to be nothing more than a typical Scottish autumn day for Edinburgh.

Fierce gales were predicted to strike Edinburgh and the Lothians as the remains of the hurricane hit parts of the UK, but it seems that the worst happened whilst we were fast asleep.

The hurricane that caused widespread damage with 110mph winds; including a power blackout in Bermuda on Saturday, is travelling across the Atlantic throughout the next few days.

Neil Armstrong, Deputy Chief Operational Meteorologist, previously spoke about the storm, saying it wasn’t as bad as previously thought:

“The most likely situation right now is for us to see a spell of wet and windy weather, gale forced winds in North and West may cause minor disruption.

But that’s what we’d expect this time of year, very typical of a storm.”

Due to high winds, the Forth Road Bridge has been closed to all vehicles causing a lot of travel disruption for commuters this morning. No other local travel disruptions have been reported.

Elsewhere in the UK, London Heathrow has reported many delays for passengers flying today whilst The Met Office is still issuing a yellow weather warning throughout the day for the Lothians and Fife.

Here is a home video of Hurricane Gonzalo in Bermuda:


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