Britain, a nation of animal lovers?

Whilst it would appear circuses have more or less died out, it surfaced that lions and tigers were being caged in an outside pen in Aberdeenshire, at what is called a ‘Circus School’. The animals will be held there over the winter in one of the coldest parts of Britain.

Protesters are set to march this Sunday. Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) Scotland organised the protest after outrage at Aberdeenshire council for giving the animal trainer responsible for the captivity of the lions license to do so.

Despite the government promising for around three years to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, the legislation has still not come in to place. The bill has continuously been blocked by Conservative MP’s. It was blocked for the third time last week.

Animal rights charity, OneKind, campaign to end the use of all animals in circuses, they say, “Animal circuses are already banned in several countries around the world. This is Britain in the 21st century. Let’s move with the times and leave circus performance to the humans.”

Britain is lagging behind the 28 other countries who have already introduced prohibitions to animals involved in circus acts.

Libby Anderson, policy officer at OneKind said, “Lions and tigers are majestic sub-Saharan animals who should not be confined to pens in the north of Scotland. OneKind are outraged by this news, hopefully it will help campaigners to further encourage people that the use of wild animals in circuses has to end once and for all.”

“Britain is regarded as a nation of animal lovers yet we are behind the times when it comes to animal exploitation. We cry out in shock to see images of dancing bears in India or Elephants hit with sticks in Thailand, but animals continue to cruelly used for entertainment purposes in the U.K.”

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