First e-cigarette advert airs on TV

Photo Credit: Lindsey Fox

Playboy Vaporizer – photo courtesy of Lindsey Fox

For the first time in almost 50 years an advert promoting nicotine appeared on television last night.

Adverts that promoted use of tobacco products were banned 49 years ago, until now.

Today, smoking e-cigarettes are becoming more popular amongst people trying to quit smoking. Last night, for the first time, adverts for the device appeared on TV.

For a while now, vaping adverts have been on television but they were not allowed to show the e-cigarette device. Changes in advertising law surrounding the promotion of nicotine now make it possible to show these products on screen.

The new law put in place by the Committee of Advertising Practice states that these adverts must not:

  • appeal to anyone under the age of 18 years old
  • promote the product as being ‘safer’ or ‘healthier’ than cigarettes
  • spur non-smokers to try them
  • make any health claims about the product without the approval of the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency

E-cigarettes are battery operated and give the feeling of smoking a real tobacco product. Some of these products still contain nicotine, however there are nicotine free ones on the market.

The device works by vaping the e-liquid using a heating element, which is then released as mist rather than smoke.

There are different flavours of e-liquid available which presents the worry that they might become more appealing than tobacco products.

E-cigarettes seem to be the new craze. In 2010 only 3% of smokers in Britain used the device compared to the 18% of smokers that use them now, meaning that these devices could be contributing to the help of stopping smoking.

We spoke to some people around Edinburgh today about their thoughts on vaping and here is what they had to say.


  1. I get so annoyed by some if the incorrect opinions out there “it’s no different to smoking” for instance, the only similarity is the delivery of nicotine, not the 4000 other deadly chemicals that kill smokers. No smoker has ever died from nicotine abuse, in fact doctors have said nicotine is no more dangerous than caffeine. If nicotine came in a frothy hot drink it would be completely different.

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