Have you spotted the Poppy Bus?

To mark Armistice Day today, Lothian Buses have paid their respects to the fallen soldiers.

The first project by the bus company is the number 11 Poppy Bus. Wearing the large flower on its front, the number 11 will be travelling around the capital today to commemorate 100 years since World War I began and 70 years since the D-Day landings.

All services were also suspended for two minutes at 11 0’clock in honour of Armistice Day.

According to the Chair of Lothian Buses, Ann Faulds: “We are delighted to be joining many other organisations in the city in marking the centenary year of the start of World War One.”

She added: “The commemoration at this time of year is close to the hearts of many of our employees here at Lothian Buses and so it’s important to us that we mark the occasion in a respectful and appropriate way.”

Lothian Buses will also unveil their collaboration with the Wojtek Memorial Trust today at 2pm in Festival Square.

Speaking of the collaboration between the two, Simon Thompson, Chair of the Wojtek Memorial Trust, said: “This striking new Wojtek bus will turn heads wherever it goes, and will, I am sure, encourage those who see it to support our campaign to build Wojtek’s permanent memorial in Edinburgh.”

Have you seen the Poppy Bus or the surprise at Festival Square? Tweet us at @EN4news14 with your thoughts and snaps.

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