World Scotch Pie Championships

Bakers and Butchers from across the country will descend on Dunfermline today with their best bakes for the 16th World Scotch Pie Championships. Competition is expected to be fierce with over 100 entrants registered for the event.

Photo courtesy of Eilidh Walker

Scotch Pie – photo courtesy of Eilidh Walker

Organisers have brought in Bay City Rollers star, Les McKeown, as guest judge for the prestigious event which is a sought-after prize by bakers all over Scotland.

It isn’t just Scotch pies that will be judged, entrants can also enter sausage rolls, Scottish football pies, bridies, speciality savouries or a savoury and apple pie.

Last year’s competition was won by The Kandy Bar of Saltcoats, the prize is highly sought after as it is seen by many in the industry as the highest mark of quality with the bakery reporting a hike in Scotch Pie sales following the awards.

Head judge, Robert Ross said: “We have a huge number of hard-working butchers and bakers who deserve recognition for delivering great products day in and day out. I am looking forward to sampling for myself some of the best products on the market today and to overseeing who the judges pick out as having produced something that I know will be world class.”

Butteries           Photo credit: The tamed shrew

Butteries – photo courtesy of The Tamed Shrew

It has been a busy week in the Scottish baking world as alongside the Championships, baking enthusiasts have launched a campaign to get the beloved North East buttery protected status.

Supporters including North East MSP, Kevin Stewart want the buttery – also referred to as a Rowie or Aberdeen Roll – to receive the same protected status as Stornoway Black Pudding and Aberdeen Angus Beef to ensure the best quality.

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