1 in 20 Scots Using E-Cigarettes

Photo By: Flickr User Ecig Click

Photo By: Flickr User Ecig Click

One in 20 Scottish adults use e-cigarettes, according to statistics posted in this year’s Scottish Health Survey. The 2014 survey also revealed that a sixth of adults in the country have tried them.

Last year was the first time participants in the annual survey had been asked about their use of e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine through vapor, with the final figure accounting for 5% of the population. Half of all smokers claimed to have tried them but only 1% of those who had never smoked regularly said they had.

Diarmid Campbell-Jack, research director at ScotCen Social Research, said of the results: “These findings confirm that e-cigarettes are being used by a small but not insignificant proportion of people in Scotland, with one in every 20 saying that they currently use electronic cigarettes.

“It’s important that the role of e-cigarettes isn’t over estimated, particularly until more is known about their long-term consequences. However, the more that we see a decline in usage of tobacco cigarettes the better for the future of health in Scotland.”

The survey also investigated other health concerns such as obesity and cardiovascular problems. It identified a notable wealth gap between the heaviest drinkers in the nation. Those from the highest income households were significantly more likely (31% men, 22% women) to drink at hazardous levels than those from the lowest income households (18% men, 13% women). The impact of the Commonwealth Games on physical activity among Scottish people but statistics showed little change.

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