British Teens in “confidence crisis”

Miguel Angel

Photo credit: Miguel Angel

A new study warns that there is a “confidence” crisis among British teenagers.

One in three young people surveyed said they are ‘not confident’.

Confidence is lowest among 17 year olds, with 45% saying they are ‘not confident’.

This research has been sourced from a survey by Sky Academy who have launched a Confidence Month starting today.

The survey asked young people about their pressures and how that can affect success in life.

The scheme aims the importance of confidence in young people’s development.

The research has also revealed social media plays an impact, with nearly 2 in 5 (37%) social media users aged 14-17 surveyed online feel they can be more confident on social media than in person.

Furthermore, according to the survey, boys’ sense of confidence is less tied to whether they feel they are physically attractive than it is with girls.

66% of girls say their confidence is influenced by how attractive they feel, compared to only 46% of boys.

Annette Du Bois, child confidence expert said, “Today more than ever before, young people across the UK are feeling emotional imbalance, general insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, creating anxiety and mild to excessive unhappiness.”

“Trying to keep up, gain acceptance or fit in, both online and offline can lead to a decline in well being, life-skills, and social interaction.”

“By learning effective, easy to apply, purpose-designed tools and techniques to build confidence, young people develop lasting self-belief to reach their full potential in life.”

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