Civil Partnerships Could Face Scrap

Photo: Flickr User Kit

Photo: Flickr User Kit

The Scottish Government are examining the possibility of scrapping Civil Partnerships, following the legalisation of gay marriage. Officials at Holyrood launched a consultation yesterday on the future of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 which historically allowed same sex couples the right to marry.

Civil Partnerships give couples many of the same legal securities as marriage but Equal Rights campaigners stated that same sex couples should also be able to enjoy the traditional status of matrimony.

As it stands civil partnerships are currently available only to same sex couples in Scotland and the consultation has evidenced a steady decline in them since the equal marriage act was enforced. There were only eight new civil partnerships officiated between April and June 2015, down from 129 new civil partnerships at the same time last year.

The consultation states that it seeks views “on three options: no change, no new civil partnerships after a certain date in the future, or introducing opposite sex civil partnership.” It  indicates that “the government is not persuaded that opposite sex civil partnership should be introduced in Scotland.”

The notion that civil partnerships are becoming obsolete has proven controversial with many campaigners raising their concerns. Tim Hopkins of the Equality Network pressure group said that scrapping civil partnerships “takes away an option that some people want” and insisted that the government should make them available to straight couples too.

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