Edinburgh University will not invest in weapons firms

dun_deagh/ Flickr

dun_deagh/ Flickr

Edinburgh University has promised that it will not invest in weapons manufacturers.

The decision was made by the University’s governing body, University Council last night.

Shortly after the meeting of the council, it was announced  that the university will not supply funds to firms involved in weapons. This includes  anti-personnel mines, biological weapons, chemical weapons, cluster weapons, depleted uranium ammunition, nuclear weapons and white phosphorous weapons.

The announcement comes as the latest in a line of promises made under the University’s  updated Responsible Investment policy.

Earlier this year the University took a step back from three of the world’s biggest coal and tar sands companies – Shell, RioTinto, and BHP Billiton.

Senior Vice-Principal, Professor Charlie Jeffery said: “This is an important phase in our review and demonstrates the University’s commitment to responsible investment.

“As well as our divestment from these major companies and our ongoing commitment to zero investment in manufacturers of controversial weapons, we will continue to examine the positive case for additional investments in low carbon and renewable technologies.”

Edinburgh University’s press office were unavailable for comment.

EN4 News asked Edinburgh students what they think of the decision. You can listen to their views here:


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