EU leaders discuss new quota plan.

Photo credit to Miran Rijavec (Flickr)

Photo credit to Miran Rijavec (Flickr)

Leaders from across the EU have assembled in Brussels to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis. They are expected to draw up a new quota aimed at relocating around 120,000 refugees across the continent, although this has been met with widespread opposition from central European nations such as Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Talks are also expected to focus on tightening border control between EU nations, and boosting aid to war torn countries such as Syria. David Cameron is also expected to push for more to be done to return migrants who are without a genuine claim for asylum, tackling what he has branded “economic migration.” Cameron has opted out of the relocation scheme, and would rather take in migrants directly from refugee camps, aiming to help those who are most in need of it.

European Union Council President Donald Tusk has told leaders that the focus of the emergency talks should be on helping resolve the crisis, rather than laying the blame on others. Tusk has also called for the talks to focus on delivering aid to countries that border Syria, such as Turkey, which is currently housing over 2 million refugees.

This recent influx of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia has put strains on relationships between EU countries, and Wednesday evening’s emergency summit will attempt to resolve this.

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