Surgeons’ Hall Museum to Reopen after £4 Million Redevelopment

via iLike on Flickr

via iLike on Flickr

Surgeons’ Hall Museum reopens its doors tomorrow after a lengthy closure which saw £4 million being spent to update and revamp the attraction.

Famous for charting the development of surgery throughout history, the museum houses a number of weird and wonderful exhibitions, including a pocket book made from the skin of infamous serial killer William Burke, and a letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle crediting Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh fellow Dr Joseph Bell as the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.

The 18-month redevelopment, named The Lister project after fellow Joseph Lister, has added new exhibits such as a reproduction of a 17th century dissection theater where museum-goers can view a dissection of a human body as medical students did 300 years ago. It marks the first time since 1908 that the building has been radically altered.

Its update was partially funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, who contributed £2.7 million to the improvement of the museum.

Ian Ritchie, college president, said: “Surgeons’ Hall Museums and its collections are a very important part of the heritage of the college and an equally important part of its future.

“We feel keenly our responsibility to educate and inform the public as part of our commitment to patient care and professional standards.”

Surgeons’ Hall Museum opens its doors to the public tomorrow, and will be officially unveiled by the Duke of Edinburgh on Monday.

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