Volkswagen Exposed in Emissions Scandal

Photo Credit: Flikr User Pittou

Volkswagen Coccinelle Photo Credit: Flikr User Pittou


Car producers Volkswagen have been forced to recall millions of vehicles after it was revealed that they went against guidelines to reduce carbon emissions.

The world’s biggest car manufacturer was exposed to have manipulated emissions tests for its diesel car to ensure that it met official requirements.

Volkswagen has said that 11 million vehicles worldwide are involved and it is setting aside €6.5bn (£4.7bn) to cover costs of the scandal.

The company have released a statement stating that it may be forced to recall 11 million vehicles worldwide as a result of the scandal. Additionally the company is likely to be hit with around $18bn in potential fines.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board are investigating how Volkswagen managed to cheat tests designed to measure the amount of pollutants released from its diesel cars.

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