Almost 1.2 million vehicles affected as Volkswagen scandal deepens

Credit: Gerry Lauzon/Flickr

Credit: Gerry Lauzon/Flickr

Volkswagen have announced that almost 1.2 million vehicles in the UK have been affected by the recent emission scandal which has rocked the company.

The announcement was release today and only applies for diesel engined cars within the group; VWs (including commercial vehicles) Skodas, Audis and Seats.

In the coming days, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) details of affected cars will be released to retailers as well as a self-serve process for owners to check if their vehicle is affected.

The VW group released the specific numbers of vehicles in the UK:

Volkswagen Passenger Cars – 508,276

Audi – 393,450

SEAT – 76,773

ŠKODA – 131,569

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – 79,838

The emissions saga began when US regulators discovered that certain engines had been fitted with software that altered the emission readings when being tested.

It has said that 11 million vehicles worldwide are affected, and the it has set aside around £4.8bn (6.5bn Euros) to deal with the scandal.

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