Families lose out on city catchment places

Image; Huffington Post

Image; Huffington Post

An Edinburgh City Council probe has revealed that several families have cheated their way into places at popular city primary schools.

In all, six families have lost their places after it was found that some had supplied fraudulent paperwork, including council tax and utility bills to prove their place of residence. Other families are believed to have been reported by members of the public.

City Council chiefs have made clear their intent to continue crackdowns on those cheating the catchment system, with school places in Edinburgh being limited it is of paramount importance to ensure no fraudulent activity.

Education leader, Councillor Paul Godzik has spoken to the Edinburgh Evenings News on the matter.

“This is an issue that concerns many parents and we take it very seriously.

“If we believe there is a possibility of fraud being committed, we will investigate.”

Conservative councillor Jason Rust has acknowledged the wider issue at hand here, in that limited schools places are pressuring parents to take drastic measures.

“In the eyes of many parents the wider problem boils down to the supply of good schools and a perception that some schools in Edinburgh are, for whatever reason, better than others”


Families in Edinburgh have long voiced concerns over the lack of places in the city’s primary and secondary schools, with many families missing out on their desired schools each year. The issue of oversubscribed schools is one the City Council has been debating for some time but for parents, the wait is simply not viable.

An anonymous father, who spoke to The Evening News voiced his concerns over catchment area issues by claiming:

“These people probably would have been behind us on the waiting list.

“At the time, it has felt that those who were playing by the rules were being penalised.”

Members of the public are encouraged to help crack down on similar behaviour by contacting the school placing team on 0131-469-3033.

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