Flora in the mix as Bake Off heats up

The heat is on as The Great British Bake Off returns tonight for the semi-final.

Over the past weeks, 12 bakers have battled it out in a mess of meringue and sponge in a bid to be crowned the crème de la crème of amateur bakers.

The final four include: Nadiya, Flora, Ian and Tamal. But who are you backing?

The natural choice for us here at E4N News is of course Scottish lass Flora Shedden.

Aged just 19, the St Andrews student has put her other bakers to the test with her intricate designs and flavours.

She said: “I watch the show with my family and friends and everyone has loved it, even though I do get a bit of teasing from certain lines that I have said.

“Each week I have tried to bake a variation of what I make in the episode for them. I really never expected to get to the semi finals, but then I didn’t expect to get into the tent in the first place!”

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We all love Great British Bake Off here at EN4 News, but opinions are divided! Vote in our online poll and tell us who you are supporting!

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