UK to spend millions on Jamaican prison


Photo credit to Stéphane Damour (Flickr)

The UK is set to spend £25 million on a new prison in Jamaica, which would hold Jamaican nationals who are currently serving their sentences in the UK. Jamaican prisons are renowned for their poor conditions, meaning that more than 600 Jamaican criminals in the UK cannot be transferred home to serve their sentences.

Prime Minister David Cameron is currently visiting the Caribbean nation, where he announced the deal. Officials claim that the prison will hold 300 inmates, and in turn will save UK taxpayers around £10 million a year. The announcement comes in alignment with plans for Britain to spend £300 million in foreign aid to countries in the region.

Cameron, the first British Prime Minister to visit the nation in 14 years, is to pledge British aid to improve the countries general infrastructure, in an attempt to boost economic growth in the Caribbean.

However this has been overshadowed by calls from Jamaican MP’s and campaigners for Britain to pay financial reparations over its role in the slave trade. Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is said to have raised the issue in talks, although Mr Cameron claims that resolving the issue financially is “not the right approach”.

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