Cameron attacks “Britain hating” Corbyn in conference speech

Pic: Remy Steinegger/Wikimedia Commons

Pic: Remy Steinegger/Wikimedia Commons

The Prime Minister has made his speech on the final day of the Conservative Party conference.

In his speech, lasting just under an hour, Mr Cameron defended his actions in the middle east, saying they were necessary to keep the UK safe from ISIS. He said that the UK should send aid to countries neighbouring Syria, rather than “opening the gates,” saying the country would be “overwhelmed” by migrants.

He used to speech to commit to spend 2% of the country’s GDP to defense spending until 2020, including the purchase of four new nuclear submarines, and joint-strike fighter jets.

This was followed by announcements on housing reform: housing association tenants are getting the right to buy, and developers will have to offer affordable “starter homes” to buy – rather than to let – in new developments.

In an appeal to the reformists, Cameron said that prisons should be places of rehabilitation, education and work. In addition, he advocated the use of tags where sentences were less serious. On schools he envisioned, “Local authorites running schools: a thing of the past.”

It was a passionate speech, occasionally critical of the party where it hadn’t done enough, but just as congratulatory – George Osborne, Zac Goldsmith, and Boris Johnson were among those singled out for praise before the conference.

The Prime Minister’s tone, however, changed when he brought up Jeremy Corbyn: saying that the new Labour leader considered the death of Osama Bin-Laden a ‘tragedy’ and called for members to make sure that Corbyn couldn’t ‘inflict his security-threatening, Britain-hating ideology’ on the country.

Corbyn’s press team were quick to rebut the speech, saying on Mr Corbyn’s Facebook page that Mr Cameron’s comments were ‘playground style attacks’ and warned, ‘you’ve very much got a fight on your hands’.

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