Live: Conservative Party Conference

Political reporter Angus Duncan will update this page with live updates from the Conservative Party Conference leaders’ speeches

1241: Freelance columnist Susie Boniface comments: “Well, I think we’ve all learned nothing at all there. Not for the first time.”

1238: Buzzfeed’s Jamie Ross says: “Who will be the first out of @coldplay, @fleetwoodmac, and @thekillers to go ballistic about Cameron using their songs? The race is on.”

1237: Is it a coincidence that the music from a John Lewis advert is playing as Cameron leaves the stage?

1236: Cameron calls for a “Great British Take-Off” as he ends his speech. Eugh.

1230: DC says that passive tolerance – through fear of offence – of forced marriages and FGM must end

1228: DC: Need to tackle segregation. Communities in UK where you can get by without speaking English <<< Some of those places are in the Western Isles, where many speak Gaidhlig

1226: Cameron calls for an end to discrimination. Another standing ovation.

1222: “Local authorities running schools: a thing of the past” – that’s your academies getting billions, then

1219: DC: Prisoners must be treated, educated, and put work. Where possible, use of tags over prison

1217: Cameron promises more for care-leavers, says poorly performing authorities will have to “improve or be taken over”

1216: Cameron detailing moves to attack in-work poverty, refers to national living wage…which isn’t a living wage

1214: Cameron promising “all-out assault on poverty”

1214: Cameron appears to be rephrasing the American dream for the UK

1212: Cameron jokes about the accusations in Ashcroft’s book, “I was a hooker [in a rugby team]” – BoJo was tighthead prop

For the non-rugby afficionados: Props are big-hitters, hookers tend to throw the ball in, then get out the way…

1210: Zac Goldsmith now gets a namecheck, followed shortly after for Boris Johnson: “Let’s hear it for the man” – a standing ovation

1208: Tenants in housing associations will now get the right-to-buy from 2016

1207: DC: “Labour isn’t for working people, it’s hurting people”

1206: George Osborne gets a namecheck, as Britain’s “Iron Chancellor”

1204:  DC: The battle on the economy has only just begun…we need to produce more, make savings, build the northern powerhouse

1200: Cameron: “I have no romantic attachment to the European Union…I care only for our prosperity and our influence, which is why I will fight so hard in this renegotiation.”

1159: Cameron promises 2% GDP investment in defense. This sounds like a death-y Generation Game: a new fleet of hunter-killer submarines, joint-strike fighter jets…

1158: Cameron says that UK can’t open doors to all immigrants, should help countries neighbouring Syria instead

1155: Cameron on huge offensive against Corbyn: “We cannot let [Corbyn] inflict his security-threatening, Britain-hating ideology on [UK]” – he gets a standing ovation

1154: DC defends actions against ISIS: “My job isn’t to debate to decide…I took decisive action to keep Britain safe”

1153: Cameron: “A Greater Britain: that is our goal.” – I feel First Great Western sort of had the slogan first…

1151: Cameron says “the shadow of extremism” over UK is a sign UK needs stronger society

1149: DC: I will defend our union with everything I’ve got

1148: DC talking about his diverse cabinet…but still only 1/3 female

1145: DC: British people want lower taxes, 7 day NHS, and better childcare. Tories are the party of working people.

1142: Cameron to the electorate who voted for him: “We will not let you down”

1141: David Cameron enters to The Killers’ “All these things I’ve done” – better known as “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”

1140: They’re now showing clips of people losing seats to the Tories…and Nigel Farage not being elected

1137: The video includes a clip of Cameron talking over Nicola Sturgeon in a leaders’ debate

1136: A Video of Tory achievements in government plays. ‘A sky full of stars’ is the backing track.

1136: Samantha Cameron is ushed in. Coldplay still going.

1134: The same mix of Coldplay’s ‘A sky full of stars’ has been playing for the last 13 minutes. Please end it now. Please.

1129: Applause as cabinet members enter the hall

1121: Davidson finishes with a call for the party to return to its blue collar aspirational ideals

1118: “It is not enough for our party to be seen as…adequate middle-managers…the grudging vote”

1114: RD attacks the Scottish Labour, saying they “make a circular firing squad look competent”

1112: RD envisions a “more business friendly” Scotland

1111: RD: We can rise to the challenge of nationalism by building a stronger and more flexible union

1108 Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson comes on to the stage

1105 Mundell: “Ruth [Davidson] is the real opposition in the Scottish Parliament”

1104 Scottish Secretary, David Mundell MP – the Tories’ only Scottish MP – is outlining the implementation of the Scotland Bill.

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