Napier takes to the track

Despite the huge popularity surrounding the sport, Edinburgh Napier University has not had an Athletics Sports Club for over 3 years.

Tomorrow this changes though, for the Napier Student’s Association will officially recognise the team after months of organisation and preparation.

Liam Keogh, a 3rd year student at Napier, spearheaded the campaign to establish a Napier Athletics team last year.

He said, “I love a challenge so I decided to do everything I could to set one up by myself.

I was shocked that there wasn’t one already in place because of how popular and diverse athletics is.”

It took a team of three though to be successful.

“Myself, Emma Tumblety and Alex Christie have tried again this year and between the three of us we have accomplished so much more than I had last year.”

Bob Douglas, an experienced and elite athlete, is to coach the new team who train weekly in the Meadows.

Their first competition takes place next week in Stirling.


To learn more, visit their Facebook page:  Napier Athletics 2015-2016



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