Top cancer hospital in Scotland told to improve care

CC: Phil and Pam Gradwell/Flickr

CC: Phil and Pam Gradwell/Flickr

Beatson Cancer Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest cancer hospital, has been told by Healthcare Improvement Scotland that it needs to improve its care for critically ill patients on it’s wards.

Doctors at the Glasgow hospital spoke out in May amid a shake-up in services linked to the opening of the city’s new south side hospital.

It now wants NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to agree a new model of care for critically ill patients.

More than 50 professors and consultants at the Beatson warned that patients could be put at risk by proposed changes to services.

Doctors claimed the changes would leave inadequate staffing in the event of emergencies.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) said it established an inquiry team to look at the concerns and held a number of meetings with the health board and key staff.

It has now recommended that;

  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) should urgently agree a model of care for the management of acutely unwell and critically ill oncology patients and put into place governance arrangements that regularly monitor the effectiveness of the model
  • NHS GGC should take urgent action to restore and rebuild working relationships between consultants at the Beatson and the NHS GGC management team and ensure appropriate engagement across professional advisory committees.


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