Edinbugh’s 19th Radical book festival launches today

Edinburgh’s 19th annual radical book fair launches today, celebrating the authors and books you might not have heard of.

First opened by Wole Soyinka in 1996 the fair now runs to events over 5 days. The fair host series of discussions and panels to bring to light the importance of independent publishing and celebrating the stories that have inspired Edinburgh’s authors.

Instead of focusing on high profile writers and commercial publishers the international fair welcomes a vast rage of authors not just those who feature in the bestsellers lists. Keeping to this theme all of the events are completely free and are hosted in Leith instead of the city centre.

Kicking off the fair today is an event titled ‘In place of Failure and Tsunami’. Iain Macwhirter and Jim Sillars come together in conversation with Murder mysteries author Sara Sheridan to discuss ‘what lies ahead for Scotland?’

The fair is part of the Scottish storytelling festival which runs between 23 October and 1st November. The theme of this years  festival is ‘Stories without boarders’ and aims to highlight the importance of sharing stories with different cultures. As well as the radical book fair the festival is putting on a host of events including interactive initiatives for children and families.



The events planned as part of the fair include discussions

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