Gay priest speaks out against Catholic Church

Photo credit to Jeffrey Bruno (Flickr)

Photo credit to Jeffrey Bruno (Flickr)

Monsignor Charamsa, a former senior priest in the Catholic Church who recently came out, has publicly condemned the church in a letter he wrote to Pope Francis.

In his letter, Charamsa claims that the Catholic Church makes the lives of millions of gay Catholics across the world “a hell”, and called the Vatican out on their policy of banning homosexual priests. Pope Francis has yet to respond on the matter.

Monsignor Charamsa publicly came out earlier this month, announcing that he was in a gay relationship and had been for some time. This was followed by the Vatican stripping him of his status, and has prompted an outcry from  Catholics and non-Catholics around worldwide.

The 43 year old Polish former priest has called upon homosexual priests to “have the courage to abandon this insensitive, unfair and brutal church.” However, Charamsa also is said to have been grateful to Pope Francis, whose stance on homosexuality is more lenient than most of his predecessors. Former Pope Benedict, was far more extreme in his views, claiming that “homosexuality was a “strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil”.

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