Illegal Highs Crackdown

Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland to be given the green light to control legal highs. Trading Standards officials are now able to confiscate substances from shopkeepers supplying the drugs.

13 well known shops selling illegal highs have been targeted so far with £50,000 worth substances having been taken. Eight of these stores handed over the drugs voluntarily which will now be destroyed.

Councillor Cammy Day, the council’s community safety leader, said: “This is a hugely important step in our bid to get rid of so-called legal highs.

“There is overwhelming evidence that they have a devastating effect on individuals as well as communities, and we are grateful that the Sheriff Court agreed with the evidence that we presented to back this up.

“The granting of these Orders has confirmed our suspicions that these products are dangerous, and as such, Trading Standards’ Officers now have the power to seize these potentially lethal substances from those who sell them.”

Legal highs are drugs which contain similar chemicals to illegal substances such as ecstasy and cocaine however the chemical combination has not been made illegal yet.


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