Locals up in arms following Edinburgh Airport flight path changes.



Following a trial run which has lasted since June, people residing near Edinburgh Airport have had their peace and quiet disrupted by planes flying overhead. Residents are now exceedingly fearful of this new flightpath becoming permanent, as the trial ends today.

Ever since June, planes have been flying over people’s houses from the early hours of the morning, right up until 10 o’clock at night. Helena and Nick Paul, who live 12 miles from Edinburgh Airport, have seen their everyday lives completely disrupted thanks to this trial run, describing it as “horrific”, and telling reporters that they were given no warning over the changes in flight path.

The trial came around as an attempt from Edinburgh Airport to get planes off the ground every minute, instead of every two minutes, during peak times of the day. This involved changing the flight plans of certain routes, so that planes would fly over farmland and residential areas before continuing over the Forth.

Following this, thousands of people from Broxburn, Uphall, Dechmont, Philipstoun, Blackness and Linlithgow have all complained over noise levels, but whether the airport continue to run the flightpath now that the trial period has ended remains to be seen.

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