A lunch date with George Clooney


Actor-director and humanitarian, George Clooney to promote charities and business in Scotland. Photo courtesy of Flikr/JoshJensen

Actor-director and humanitarian, George Clooney to promote charities and business in Scotland. Photo courtesy of Flikr/JoshJensen


A wedding planner from Glasgow has won a lunch date with A-list actor George Clooney.

Heather McGowan, 32, will join the celebrity at a secret location tomorrow, during Mr Clooney’s visit to Edinburgh for the Scottish Business Awards.

During his visit the actor will speak at the awards ceremony, including a Q&A, though it is Mr Clooney’s visit to a small sandwich shop that is capturing many people’s interest.

Excitement is mounting for the team at a café called Social Bite, a coffee and food programme where customers can pay for a hot drink or food for a homeless person.

Josh Littlejohn co-founded the social venture and approached Clooney earlier this year about visiting the not-for-profit chain.

The actor-director agreed and he is expected to meet employees at the Edinburgh shop tomorrow, November 12th, before his keynote address at the Scottish Business Awards.

Miss McGowan said she was shocked to discover she had won the competition, which had been organised by the events site ItIsOn to raise funds for Social Bite. Funds were also being raised for Clooney’s own humanitarian charity Not On Our Watch.

“I’m a big George Clooney fan and love the Oceans films so I’m absolutely delighted, and still a bit in shock, to have won ItIsOn’s competition,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to hearing about his involvement in Social Bite and the work of his charity, Not On Our Watch. And being in the wedding business, I’m also really interested to find out how involved he was in planning his wedding to Amal.”

This October, Social Bite launched what is being dubbed the first “selfless loyalty card”. The scheme allows customers to help feed the homeless by building up loyalty points to buy a homeless person a meal and hot drink after 10 visits to the café.

Previously, Social Bite operated a traditional loyalty card system where their customers would earn a free coffee or money off their lunch. However, the company decided to reinvent the system after regular customers started to refuse their rewards and ask that their food and drink be donated to the homeless.

Social Bite gives 100% of its profits to charities and currently operates five cafes in cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. A quarter of its workforce in each café is formerly homeless.

Mr Littlejohn said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be bringing one of the world’s biggest stars to Edinburgh and the team at Social Bite is buzzing ahead of his visit.

“For many of our team who until recently lived on the streets, this is a really amazing thing to look forward to.”

You can find Social Bite in Edinburgh and donate a meal or hot drink to the homeless by visiting them at: 131 Rose St, Edinburgh.

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