British Man Facing Lashes Returns to UK

Karl Andree, the British man who was faced with lashes in Saudi Arabia, has returned to the UK

Andree, 74 was sentenced to receive 350 lashes after Saudi police found homemade alcohol in the boot of his car. Alcohol is illegal in the country.

Andree’s family had appealed to the British and Saudi Arabian Governments for his sentence to be repealed citing his age and medical status.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond traveled to Riyadh last month to discuss the situation with King Salman. After positive discussion it was decided Andree would be released and extraditing to the UK.

Mr Hammond thanked the Saudi government and said he was pleased the two countries had been able to “overcome a difficult issue like this.”

In a poignant appeal last month, Andree’s grandchildren pleaded for his release by video, which received massive coverage online via Facebook and Twitter.

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