Protesters Gather in Kabul Following Hazara Killings

Credit to ABC Open Riverland (Flickr)

Credit to ABC Open Riverland (Flickr)

Security forces have fired warning shots on protesters who have marched through the Afghan capital of Kabul, following the murder of seven people from the Hazara ethnic minority.

The march was made up of thousands of civilians, and marched through the city, ending at the presidential palace. A number of protesters tried to scale a building nearby the palace, resulting in the security forces firing a number of warning shots.

The murders of the Hazara’s are said to be ethnically motivated, and some of the victims are said to have had their throats cut. The bodies were found in a province which has recently seen an increase in fighting with the Taliban, although it is not apparent whether these deaths can be linked to the militant group.

However, a number of protesters shouted “Death to the Taliban”, and carried the coffins of the victims through the capital.

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