Russia Brings Peace Proposal to UN.

Credit to Freedom House (Flickr)

Credit to Freedom House (Flickr)

Russia has submitted a document to the United Nations proposing a complete revamp of the constitution, in an attempt to end the four year civil war, which has claimed the lives of over 250,000 Syrians and displaced many more.

The document claims that this process will last around 18 months, followed by presidential elections. It did not state whether President Bashar al-Asaad would remain in power during the transitional period. The document also stated that a number of Syrian opposition groups should be a part of the peace talks in Vienna this coming Saturday, which Russia believes should focus on differentiating which groups should be considered terrorists, and which should be considered partners in the peace process.

However, Russia’s proposal does not rule out Asaad standing for election, which rebel groups’ claim will make a peace treaty impossible.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government continues to wage its assault on rebel held areas surrounding Aleppo, but has yet to penetrate the city itself.

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