Concerns over ‘unprecedented’ rise in cyber crime

Image courtesy of flikr/WilliamHook

Image courtesy of WilliamHook/ Flickr

Scots are being urged to take action to protect themselves online by the Scottish government.

A new strategy aimed at helping businesses, organisations and individuals stay safe while on the internet has been launched.

The strategy aims to highlight the importance of a few simple steps to help safeguard the Scottish public from threats online.

Reminders to create strong passwords, keep software up to date, turn on firewall settings, install anti-virus software and use mobile screen locks and passwords are among the main recommendations.

A recent survey showed that in a pool of 1,000 adults in Scotland, one in ten had experienced unauthorised use of their personal data while 7% had experienced abusive or threatening behaviour online.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney told the National Economic Forum in Edinburgh:

“We are now experiencing cyber crime at an unprecedented rate.”

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