Kosovo opposition MP’s flat raided

kosovo future maker

Photo courtesy of Kosovo Future Maker /Flickr


Police from Kosovo have raided the flat of opposition MP Albin Kurti, a day after he pepper sprayed MP’s in parliament.  The raid took place in the early hours of this morning, although Mr Kurti is said to have not been in the premises at the time.

Mr Kurti, a former leader of the Self-Determination party, has been a long standing opponent of a recent deal with Serbia, which gives Serbs living in Kosovo greater autonomy. The deal was put forth by the EU in August.

As the raids took place, a grenade was said to have gone off outside the Constitutional Court in Pristina, Kosovo.

EN4 News spoke to the UK embassy for Kosovo, although they told us they were unable to comment as it was a rule of Kosovan law.


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