McDonalds accused of breaching heritage site


Photo courtesy of  Sstrieu/Flickr

McDonald’s have come under global criticism after they built a new restaurant on the home of former Taiwanese leader, Chiang Ching-kuo, in Hangzou, China.

Conservationists had called for the villa, listed as a cultural heritage site, to be made into a museum.

EN4 News spoke to McDonalds China, who told us:

“McDonald’s has the deepest respect for the heritage and culture of the communities where we operate; we are part of these communities.”

“When McDonald’s China took over the site, we also took over the commitment to preserve its heritage. Since then, we have been working with relevant authorities and architects to ensure the conservation of the villa’s structure and style. We remain committed to this protection while providing a convenient spot for tourists to rest and enjoy the surrounding environment.”

Mr Chiang’s grandson and numerous others have all voiced strong opposition to the 100-seat McCafe, which is situated in the ground floor of the villa, alongside a Starbucks which is located in the upper story.

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