Police make fresh raids in Paris

Jordi Boixareu

Photo courtesy of Jordi Boixareu/Flickr.

Armed police have raided an apartment in the Parisian suburb of Saint Denis, located in the north west of the city. The raids, following Friday’s fatal attacks which claimed the lives of 129 people, targeted suspected terrorists linked to the shootings.

Police are said to have shot dead two of the suspects during these raids, whilst a woman in the flat is believed to have blown herself up with a suicide belt, according to prosecutors.

The operation is thought to have been targeting Abdelhamid  Abaaoud, the man believed to be behind Friday’s attacks, which killed 129 people.

EN4 News spoke to students based in the French capital, who described the atmosphere as “shell shocked”, leaving residents “tense and jumpy.”

“People set off fireworks at Place de la République in tribute to those who died and everyone fled in panic thinking it was another bomb. It’s odd trying to get on with daily life when it happened so close to home, but I get the sense people are just trying to return to normality despite the fear that something bad could happen at any time.”

Roads have been blocked off surrounding Saint Denis, and truckloads of soldiers are said to have joined the armed Police.

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has praised the bravery of the officers who took part.



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