SNP Councillors stage walkout during housing plans talks

SNP councillors carried out a dramatic walkout yesterday during council discussions on a local housing development plan.

East Lothian Council approved the local development plan despite widespread opposition. It is understood that current plans aim to see a new development of 10,000 homes across East Lothian with the scheme being carried out over the next decade.

The SNP councillors stormed out of the meeting at Musselburgh’s Brunton Hall over fears that the plan “seeks to impose a strategy that will harm communities, provides no answer to the affordable housing crisis and will see the dismantling of the greenbelt”.

The SNP group has slated the housing proposal, saying:

“The proposed compact strategy seeks to dump more than 60 per cent of new housing in the west of the county whilst at the same time destroying any hope that those on the council housing list will ever get the chance of an affordable home to rent in their lifetime.”

SNP Group Leader Stuart Currie, said:

“SNP councillors have been denied the information required to make such momentous decisions for our county. The objectives of the local development plan identified in the officers’ report have not been met.

“We asked for an alternative strategy to be compiled that would allow all the options to be explored but this has been rejected. The crucial facts on infrastructure such as rail, roads, sewerage, education and transportation are just not available yet councillors are being asked to sign up to the proposed strategy.

“It’s the equivalent of buying a house and then asking for the home report three months later.”

SNP MP George Kerevan asked:

“Why not follow a more sensible policy of organic growth in each county town, which would allow better use of rail transport”.

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