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Jack Brodie

OXGANGS Primary School will remain closed to combat the damages caused by storm Gertrude in January.

This comes after a survey of the building confirmed earlier this week that the site is unsafe for pupils as hundreds of bricks were dislodged from a wall.

The Edinburgh primary school will prolong its closure until Monday the 11th of April to allow immediate repairs to go ahead.

It is the second time the school has closed this year, shutting just after the storm on the 29th of January and again this week.

Pupils will now be relocated to a variety of other Edinburgh schools on an interim basis until repairs are finished.

Parents have been assured that the measures to close Oxgangs doors is merely a temporary move to ensure the children’s safety. Paul Godzick, Convenor of Education and Children, said:

“By closing the school now it means the necessary works can be started immediately.

“The Council will be providing alternative arrangements at other locations to make sure pupils’ education can continue until the start of the Easter holidays.

“I want to reassure parents this is a purely precautionary measure but I am sure everyone will agree that the health and safety of our pupils and staff is paramount.”

In 2014 a pupil, 12, of Liberton High School died after a wall, that had been reported as unsafe by pupils, collapsed on top of her.

Worried parents recently took to the Oxgangs Primary School Facebook page in response of the debris. With one, Chris Mckinnon, saying:

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