Scottish College Lecturers Striking Over Pay

Maria Gran


Scottish college lecturers walked out on strike today in protest over pay levels.

Members of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) have started their first of potential 32 dates of action over a long-running pay dispute.

Many lecturers claim that there is a huge difference in pay between different colleges. They are also unhappy about the 1% pay offer.

Almost nine out of ten lecturers voted in a ballot earlier this month calling for strike action.

Colleges Scotland urged the EIS teaching union to call off the strikes, confident that an agreement will be reached. An offer has been given to the union from Colleges Scotland, which they argue is the best deal possible.

If no resolution is made, the strikes will last until summer, starting at two days a week, then escalating to three days a week.

Shona Struthers, Colleges Scotland chief executive said: “We can deliver a sustainable pay increase now, to everyone. We will then take decisive steps towards tackling variances in pay and conditions across the sector and modernising in the longer term.”

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