Scotland welcomes Doors Open Days for the whole of September

Every September the public briefly gain free special access to some of Scotland’s most famous buildings for Doors Open Days.

So far this year the likes of Aberdeen, Stirling and the Highlands have opened their doors for one weekend only, while Glasgow held a special week-long event. This weekend Doors Open Days come to the capital, so we’ve taken a look at some of the buildings that will soon be opening their doors to the people of Edinburgh.

The Forts

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A new addition to Doors Open Days, the Forts were constructed during the first World War as part of a defensive network for the Forth. Since 1986 the site has been excavated and restored, allowing visitors a better understanding of the site than ever before. Visitors will be able to get up close with gun and searchlight emplacements, ammunition storage and generator houses.

Anatomical Museum

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The Anatomical Museum, which first opened in 1884, will be a perfect venue for the more morbidly curious tourists. First built as part of Edinburgh’s Medical School, and containing death masks, skeletons and other slightly creepy specimens, the specimens in this museum are still used by anatomy students to this day.

Edinburgh Central Mosque

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Anyone taking part in Doors Open Day this weekend will have plenty of choices if they want to visit any churches. But it’s guaranteed that this will be the only mosque taking part in the events this weekend. Opening in 1998 as the only purpose built mosque in Edinburgh, this venue is another new addition to this year’s event. Able to hold around 1200 worshippers at once, this may be the perfect opportunity for some to get a view of a different culture.

Royal Observatory

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Situated on a hilltop overlooking the city, the Royal Observatory has updated its Victorian-era buildings with modern high-tech facilities. With a number of special events including demonstrations, exhibits and talks this is one venue you won’t want to skip. Visitors will even be awarded the opportunity to go behind the scenes, getting an up close look at how new telescopes are designed and data is stored.

Riddle’s Court

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Riddle’s Court may date back to at least the sixteenth century but the building is currently undergoing construction to transform it into the Patrick Geddes Centre. Visitors will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this construction taking place. The tour will be led by designers, architects and engineers as they show visitors the work in progress to both conserve and modernise the building.

Doors Open Days lasts until the end of September and is free to members of the public. More information can be found on

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