Senior SNP figure warns against a second independence vote

Then Scottish Government in Kirkcaldy during the summer tour

Kenny Macaskill at a conference in 2011. Photo by Scottish Government

Senior SNP member Kenny MacAskill has warned against “a headlong rush” towards a second Scottish independence referendum.

The former justice secretary claimed that there is too many uncertainties following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in June. Writing for the Herald, MacAskill asked “Would we be in the EU, would there be a hard border and what would the currency be?” before going on to say “None of those can be answered but would be questions being asked. Some clarity on them is needed.”

This is despite former first minister Alex Salmond recently saying his claim that a referendum would be “once in a generation” was an estimation. Instead Salmond claims that the political landscape has changed and predicts a second referendum to take place in “roughly two years’ time.”

MacAskill, however, believes holding a second referendum too soon would be a mistake. “Scottish history is littered with tales of headlong rushes to disaster. As with Highland charges it’s not the passion of the participants that’s in doubt, but the wisdom of the tactic. Scottish success, whether on the battle or sporting field, has come through more cerebral actions not rushes of blood to the head. Glorious defeat would put the dream back catastrophically, even if some enjoyed the journey. Wiser counsel must prevail.”

MacAskill’s comments come after thousands of pro-independence supporters gathered in Glasgow for a rally marking the second anniversary of the referendum. However, it would appear they will not be getting a second vote any time soon as MSP Joan McAlpine confirmed yesterday that first minister Nicola Sturgeon has put plans for another referendum “on the back burner.”

However, according to Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw, the uncertainty over whether or not there will be another referendum in the upcoming years is frustrating voters. Carlaw claims, “people are getting sick of this, and it’s time the SNP woke up to that fact.”

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