Farage back as UKIP Leader

Farage is back as UKIP leader

Farage is back as UKIP leader

Nigel Farage has announced that he will step back in as the leader of the UKIP party following the resignation of Diane James.

Farage stepped down following the referendum in which the UK voted to leave the EU, a life long goal for the UKIP leader. Many were shocked by Farage’s resignation after achieving something that him and his party had been striving on for several years.

However, speaking to the BBC earlier today he announced that he is back leading the party on a temporary basis. Farage joked “I keep trying to escape… and before I finally escape they drag me back.”

Farage was one of the founding members of the UKIP party after defecting from the Conservatives in 1992. Since then he has ruthlessly campaigned against the UK being in Europe and the Euro as a currency option.

Diane James who succeeded Farage as leader of the UKIP party lasted only 18 days in power. Various different stories from different sources were coming out of the party earlier with some citing her husband’s ill health as the reason for her resignation. Others claimed that she simply could not handle the intensity of the job.

Farage claims he will stay on as leader of the party until a fresh election has been held to find a permanent successor for Diane James.


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