Lean Agile Scotland is back in Edinburgh

The three day conference in Edinburgh kicks off today as Lean Agile Scotland returns for its fifth year, which is expected to be better than ever before.

The conference will take place at the John McIntyre Conference Hall.

The event is the premier conference for Lean and Agile discussion in Scotland. It aims to bring together some of the most engaging minds in the Lean and Agile communities to share ideas and help generate new ones.

A broad range of topics will be included throughout the days, topics including what it takes to make great software products and portfolio planning.

A spokesperson for the conference said: “We’ve had some fantastic speakers from all across the world and we’ve also had some fantastic local speakers. It’s a very collaborative event, people are here to find out how to better improve their own company and it’s great to actually speak and share ideas with the people that attend.”

An attendee from last years event described how: “You find people from all over Europe and its great to see how other companies are potentially using some of the principles.

“The content is of a much higher quality level than you find at other conferences. It’s very professional a lot of people that actually come from an IT background and want to do product development. The conversations were not finished until very late.”

There will be 67 speakers this year offering a variety of workshops and presentations.

Some have taken to Twitter to share their excitement ahead of the event.



There will be a variety of events, designed to stretch thinking and introducing attendees to new ideas. There will also be sessions geared to help those new to Lean & Agile to start the journey.


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