Oktoberfest comes to Edinburgh


Oktoberfest, Princess Gardens

Oktoberfest, the tradition which started in Munich 200 years ago to celebrate the coming of the harvest and has continued to be celebrated ever since, is coming to Edinburgh once again.

Tents filled with long tables where you can enjoy freshly brewed beer and luscious delicacies, this  inspired the today’s beer tents.
Such delicacies will include pretzels, roasted chicken, pork knuckle, potatoes and white sausage.Some of the favourite traditions that people look forward to each year include beer barrel tapping, parades and the variety of different food and beer on offer for everyone too try.

These days, you do not need to fly to Munich to experience Oktoberfest for yourself. Many different cities now host their very own tribute to Oktoberfest during the same time period as in Germany. Edinburgh has been hosting the festival for the last six years and this year is set to be the biggest. A tent big enough for 1,500 people will be placed in Princes Street Gardens West . Organisers are kicking off the festival with free entry for the first night of festivities. The fun starts at 4pm this evening. This year the first ever student day has been launched, giving you 50% off your first beer or if you come in fancy dress on the £5 student ticket you will be able to grab a beer for free. Links to bookings can be found on this years event page.

Today we spoke to DJ Davie Sorgenfrei who will be doing the music for Edinburgh as well as Aberdeen, Glasgow and Newcastle. He told us about his role at Oktoberfest and why he loves the event in Edinburgh.

“It is very nice here in Edinburgh, the people are lovely and crazy. In Germany you have so many people in the tent – but here, you have a limit, which is good because people have room to dance.”

Fun is the key ingredient for the festival, so on Sunday there is a family day where music will be provided courtesy of real Bavarian Bands who have flown in from Southern Germany. You can turn up on the day or book in advance
and reserve your own seats. Tickets are priced at £5 on Thursday and Sunday and £10
Friday and Saturday. Alternatively, you can purchase a package which will entitle you to food, beer and a seat reservation.


DJ Davie Sorgenfrei

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