Unhappy Vodafone customers receive £4.6 million refund

The world’s second largest mobile network, Vodafone, has been fined £4.6 million by Ofcom after customer service problems.

Many pay-as-you-go users were left with empty balances after paying to top up their devices. It is estimated to have cost over 10,000 customers a total of £150,000.

Telephone regulator Ofcom has said that the mobile network did not act quickly enough to address the problems faced by customers, which were experienced from the end of 2013 until April 2015.  The majority of customers have now been refunded an average of £14.35 each – roughly the amount that each had lost.

Branding for Vodafone is seen on the exterior of a shop in London, Britain

Photography courtesy of Reuters

Vodafone was unable to track down 30 customers, which prompted it to donate £100,000 to charity, ensuring no profit was made from the mishap.

“This has been an unhappy episode for all of us at Vodafone: we know we let our customers down,” the company has commented. “We are determined to put everything right.”

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