Girls Day Out shows they can bounce beyond recent health reports

twitter-banner-active-girlsOnly a quarter of girls exercise regularly and less than a fifth participate in any exercise at all, causing obesity in young women to be almost 10% more than young men, according to a government study.

To combat this, ‘Girls Day Out’ is a new and inventive way to bounce these results back using exercises involving jump rope, trampolines and ‘piyo’ – a mix of yoga and pilates. The girls will participate in fun activities and taught the power of women in sports, promoting them to take a more leading role.

Edinburgh Council’s Active School Team is teaming up with Youth Scotland and Sport Scotland for the event this Friday; it will involve more than 150 girls, ranging from ages 11-17.

Female role models will deliver talks that involve nutrition and mental health. This innovative project will aim to inspire young women to take a more active role in sport, encouraging girls to become more active and educating on the power of sport.

Councillor Cathy Fullerton, Edinburgh’s Vice Convener for Education, Children and Families said, “Often girls give up sport when they start high school, so ‘Girls Day Out’ is a great way to encourage them to become more active and discover the different and fun ways to achieve this.”img_3159_copy2

This can be seen carrying across to universities. Edinburgh Napier Student’s Association (ENSA) has produced an equal gender ratio in sports. The sports union have 50.1% female members in sports and have a range of female only sports such as women’s football, rugby and volleyball.

ENSA are also hosting ‘Girls Can’ week to promote active girls and women taking more of a leading role in sports, providing ‘Women’s Only Wednesday’ and cheaper memberships that week.


Beth Wallace ENSA VP

Student president Beth Wallace says: “Women in sports are already a huge part of Napier as reflected in our membership number but we are always aiming to increase this.”

Girls Can Week takes place from the 7th to the 11th of November at Craiglockhart campus.

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