Fire in the Jungle – Calais Refugee Camp Demolished

Monday, the day many have dreading, saw the begging of what is planned to be the end of the refugee camp in Calais – more commonly known as ‘The Jungle’.

The camp, situated in the North of France, is home to over 7,000 inhabitants who will now be moved to other locations across France.

The French authorities have detailed plans for moving the Jungle-dwellers out of the camp. 150 buses will carry the former inhabitants to new Welcome and Orientation Centres (CAOs) across France.

The police, the volunteers, and the refugees themselves have had many weeks to prepare for the move. It was hoped to be a swift and straight-forward operation.

Firefighters extinguish burning makeshift shelters and tents in the "Jungle" on the third day of the evacuation of migrants and their transfer to reception centers in France, as part of the dismantlement of the camp in Calais

But last night, flames spread over the Jungle as a fire blazed. One migrant was injured from a gas canister explosion. The fire may have been started by the migrants as a final act of defiance, or some believe it could have been started by activists.

Videos and pictures from today and yesterday have sparked outrage and debate on social media. Young people have been left without a place to sleep for the evening, as registration points close they are being told to go back to the camp – which is now in flames.

Many have voiced concerns for the minors at the camp, saying the Jungle should not have been demolished until there was a plan to protect their welfare.

Migrants look at burning makeshift shelters and tents in the "Jungle" on the third day of their evacuation as part of the dismantlement of the camp called the "Jungle" in Calais

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