MPs have their say on ‘ramp over M25’ Heathrow runway

The third runway at Heathrow airport could be built as a “ramp” over the M25, according to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. Grayling proposed the changes, stating it would be “cheaper and quicker” than building a tunnel under the road.

In a statement released today, the Transport Secretary said, “I think this is a sensible way, it’s a gentle slope. It’s a hill, a very gentle hill upwards that the planes would take off rather than a flat service and it’s what happens at very many other airports around the world.”


Transport Secretary Chris Grayling

Yesterday, MP Zac Goldsmith resigned from his position as MP for Redmond constituency over the cabinet’s decision go ahead with Heathrow’s redevelopment.

“I promised you if my party won the election, the third runway would be scrapped. And I wasn’t making it up,” Goldsmith stated in a press conference.

He added, “There was no small print, no expiry date, no ambiguity. It was a simple promise. And it mattered. I know it mattered because the thought of Heathrow’s expansion fills most of my constituents with dread.”


The new runway could be built over the M25

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s today programme, Richmond’s Council Leader Lord True stated he was “taking legal advice”.

The Conservative peer said Heathrow was “busting air quality legal limits” and was responsible for “40% of all noise pollution in Europe associated with airports”

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